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Adrianna | Taurus | Canada

I believe life should be a little more like Sims with a Cory & Topanga love story, a Digimon adventure and a Disney Happily-Ever-After with Anberlin and Taylor Swift playing in the background. Oh, and pretty much everything I’ve ever learned was taught to me by Mr. Feeny. You can quote me on that. blog instagram youtube twitter

Screencap Meme → The Core Four + Profiles.

Screencap Meme → Mimi Tachikawa + Hair Porn.

Screencap Meme → OTP + Tickles My Pickle.

Screencap Meme → Apocalymon’s Exile of the Digidestined + Silhouette(-ish).

Screencap Meme → Ken Ichijouji and Kari Kamiya + Light.

"maybe that’s why they were called here. she was the child of light and he was the one who overcame the greatest darkness." [x]

Screencap Meme → Toy Town and Primary Village + Colours Abound.

Screencap Meme → Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure Zero Two + Space.

Screencap Meme → Digimon Adventure Zero Two Group + Full Body Shots.

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