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I believe life should be a little more like Sims with a Cory & Topanga love story, a Digimon adventure and a Disney Happily-Ever-After with Anberlin and Taylor Swift playing in the background. Oh, and pretty much everything I’ve ever learned was taught to me by Mr. Feeny. You can quote me on that. instagram youtube twitter

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Fixed my sidebar :)


New video in my sidebar :)

I have to write another short story for my fiction class and I have no idea what to write it on.

Maybe I’ll just write a Digimon one-shot fanfiction and change all the names.

It will be fifty shades of sneaky.

I actually did it and the title worked and was received well :D

My desk… sometimes it’s tidy but usually it’s not.

99% of my blog traffic comes from people Google searching Wreck This Journal pages…

And then me looking at my own blog. Oops.

Though shalt not pass up the opportunity to reference a #Disney song. 🎶 #frozen #letitgo #thanksdad

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