counting backwards
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I believe life should be a little more like Sims with a Cory & Topanga love story, a Digimon adventure and a Disney Happily-Ever-After with Anberlin and Taylor Swift playing in the background. Oh, and pretty much everything I’ve ever learned was taught to me by Mr. Feeny. You can quote me on that. blog instagram youtube twitter

1.       Who is your favorite Champion level digimon?

2.       Who has the coolest digivolving sequence?

3.       Who is your Digimon OTP?

4.       Favorite digimon attack?

5.       Pick one. Augumon or Guilmon.

6.       Which Digimon song is your favorite?

7.       Which season has the most satisfying ending?

8.       Look at the digidestined/tamers feet. Who has the best shoes?

9.       Should Jun Motomiya be a digidestined?

10.   Favorite Ultimate Level Digimon?

11.   If you could choose to change something in one of the seasons what would it be?

12.   Which death upset you most?

13.   Who is your favorite digidestined/tamer sibling?

14.   Favorite digidestined/tamer parent/other adult?

15.   Something that annoyed you.

16.   Which digimon would you want thrown in the fires of mount doom?

17.   Who is the cutest digimon?

18.   Who is your favorite mega level digimon?

19.   Who is smarter Ken or Izzy?

20.   Who do you think Sora should be with?

21.   Who do you think Rika should be paired with?

22.   What is your theory on the original digidestined?

23.   Worst digimon villain?

24.   Funniest digimon?

25.   Favorite digi-egg?

26.   Least favorite episode?

27.   Favorite armor digimon?

28.   Who had the best hairstyle?

29.   What is something you don’t like about digimon?

30.   What is the best thing about digimon?